Multimedia symbol for a winery

Make the brand stand out among its competitors. Position the most expensive wine produced in Russia as a unique signature product. So unique that it is, in a sense, magical, mysterious, and mystical.

It's not just a logo — it's a standalone element of corporate culture. It symbolizes the philosophy of biodynamics as a science more powerful than natural winemaking.


Pavel Shvets' winery is the only biodynamic winery in Russia. Biodynamics is a science of plant cultivation formulated by the Austrian Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century.

Seven biodynamic plants play an active role in winemaking: oak, yarrow, horsetail, chamomile, dandelion, nettle, and valerian. They replace chemical field fertilizers for spraying, composting, and so on.

We designed a visual image and animated it. The design with the plant names in Latin refers to music album covers and posters of rock star tours as the names are decorated like songs on a record. The plants come to life in a bouquet, which creates the image of a flowering meadow, a forest summer Zen.


The design is used online, on social media, and as a video screen saver for presentations and the winemaker's performances.

It is also used offline on T-shirts, bags, Chef & Sommelier tubes, and other merch. The layout is used for decorating pop-up outlets of the brand at festivals.

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