5 Arguments for Why Visual Marketing Is Important

In our fast-paced world, brands have mere seconds to get consumers' attention. If you don't find ways to manage visual marketing, saving yourself from drowning in the infinite flow of information can be quite a challenge today. In this article, the Production Department at Greenwich reflects on this very topic, with examples of our work serving as illustrations.

1. First impression

Once we learn about a new brand, first thing we do is open its Instagram account or take a look at the company website. We usually lack time for a thorough read, still it may be enough to scroll through the feed to form an opinion. It's all done in just 8 seconds, and the first impression, as you may know, is difficult to change.

When working on projects, we always pay great attention to the Instagram feed preview and plan it at the preparation stage of the photoshoot. This approach makes it possible to eventually create a balanced feed and develop a content plan that would meet your customers' objectives:

2. Translating values

A good photo can show what your customers will gain by choosing your brand, besides the product. Customers don't often seek any specific products or services; they want to have their needs met, solve a problem, or get an emotional experience. When buying some bread in their favorite bakery, customers would expect to enjoy its taste and take care of their health through quality ingredients, while at the same time supporting a small-scale manufacturer and local suppliers.

3. Impact on brand perception

Quality photos make a brand desirable and powerful in the eye of the customer. Sadly, the opposite is also true. Even if you offer an excellent product or service, pale and boring photos will make it harder and more expensive to win the trust of your customers.

Content for the furniture brand Manual Mode (с) Greenwich agency
4. Fast information

Visual content is fast information, since our brain tends to whip over pictures. The traffic light turns red, and your foot presses the brake. Text makes comprehension slower; we need time to read and interpret things. So it's important to add color and emotion to your product to encourage people to find out more about it.

Content for Merula Wine Bar (с) Greenwich agency
5. Customer engagement

We unconsciously notice, remember, and react to nice pictures. High-quality visuals are quite an eye candy. They bring emotion and the desire to come back to them, as well as share them with your friends. By engaging customers with the brand, high-quality visual content may boost the tap count and stimulate sales.

For all the 5 levers to move business forward, a brand should have its own visual strategy. Our team is ready to refresh the visuals of your brand, what about you?

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