Brand promotion for a furniture design showroom
ARTFABRIC is a furniture design showroom in Saint Petersburg.

The ARTFABRIC product range includes cutting-edge furniture, lighting, and decorative items selected by professional interior designers.
    Promote the showroom on Instagram, increase sales through this channel
    Create design layouts and arrange photoshoots, write texts
    Collaborate with bloggers and interior designers
Work structure
Develop a content strategy
Draw up sales scripts (detailed instructions for the Sales Department on how to process inquiries, adjusted to the niche and market features)
Develop and coordinate a content plan
Set up and optimize targeted ads
on Instagram and Facebook
Redirecting to website / DM inquiries
Order placement
How does it work?

  • We analyze the competitors;
  • We create a mindmap;
  • We develop 3 to 7 prospective target audience types;
  • We make 15 to 25 ads using the AIDA method, 4U, and USP headers;
  • We set up the ads;
  • Within 5 to 10 days, we collect statistics and optimize the ads;
  • Within 25 days, we A/B test the ads and the target audience;
After 25 days, we summarize and analyze the outcome for optimization.
Collaborating with interior designers
We came up with and implemented the category '5 Questions To Ask A Designer' that we use to collaborate with well-known interior designers in a cross-promo format, which means we exchange audiences.
Collaborating with bloggers
Our Production Department thought through and made an on-site photoshoot in an authentic Saint Petersburg apartment as part of a collaboration with an explorer of old Saint Petersburg buildings.
We came up with and brought to life several options for arranging furniture and decorations to highlight the beauty of the space and incorporate the principal idea that good taste is timeless.
Our team organized full-cycle content production, from a detailed moodboard and photoshoot schedule to on-site work, set design, and final retouch.
The partner material on the blog received over 30,000 likes, which significantly increased brand recognition and new audience flow to the brand account.
Follower count growth dynamics
In 8 months of work, the showroom gained 10,687 new followers
Example of ad campaign results:

Period of time: 30 days
Reach: 210,044
Impressions: 455,405
Link clicks: 2,372
Inquiries received: 131
Average cost of inquiry: RUB 637
Total expenses: RUB 83,500

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