Rebranding for a wine trading company

Make the wine trading company look more up-to-date, introduce international best practices of sales management and PR management. Start the process of modernization, encourage the employees to work in the new, post-quarantine market conditions.

Rebranding, new corporate style, new website.

Digital rebranding allows us to look at the company, its image, and product range on a corporate website. By preserving the heritage (Rafaelov is the founder's last name), we reinterpreted the company name and linked it to the new website URL. Rafaelov — RAF.wine — rafwine.com

The new name brings a new design code, descriptive and concise. Rich burgundy wine color + a light shade of gold.

The word 'wine' shows focus on the company's main specialization, wine trade. Also, the new name could be used to rebrand ARARAT WINE, the store line of the Rafaelov brand. We made a logical link between retail and wholesale businesses of the company. Rebranding progresses in stages — first online, then in the office, then in branded points of sale.

A present-day online store makes it possible to accept and process orders from private customers, as they find it more convenient to select a product and look through wine features on the website. You don't need to send your customers an Excel price list anymore — if they order online, they can enter a promo code assigned to their manager, and administer sales through the built-in CRM. It is also convenient to coordinate the range of wines with restaurants by making a selection on the website and drafting specific offers.
Additional info:

Our Production Department has developed and conducted a photoshoot with virtual props to design banners on the website's main page.
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