Visual concept, content creation for social media and website
BYTWO Fragrance is an haute couture fragrance brand working to shift the limits of perception by creating fragrances that would shape an olfactory impression integral to the wearer's personality.


Develop a visual concept for BYTWO, unpack the heart of each fragrance, photoshoot the collection, and make a miniature photo set.


To create the concept for this photoshoot, we have interviewed the brand creator and blind-tested the fragrances. This resulted in a standalone visual story for each fragrance.

This fragrance was created to be an extension of the wearer and to help them discover their inner voice. This is an infinite search for your true self, and we see it as a path to the horizon.

Juniper, cedarwood, and pepper; a thick leathery, earthy scent; moss, papyrus, and vetiver. It acts as the icing on the cake, bringing in balance and harmony.

A flowery, creamy scent of sandalwood with a hint of lavender. A balanced, serene, and relaxed tempo. We see this fragrance as cherishing freedom, feeling that every moment and every experience is one of a kind.

This is a complex, self-sufficient fragrance; we envision it as a mysterious person who unlocks the door to their multifaceted inner world for us to explore. Your gaze feels glued to them; you cannot help but look and feel entangles in their natural power.

This is a light, pure, and nuanced scent of self-pampering. Its soft, intelligent hints make you wish you could hold the wearer in a neverending embrace.
With our photoshoot, the brand has a unique visual story for every fragrance, pictures of the entire collection, a miniature photo set, image-building pictures, and catalog pictures for each item taken from several angles.
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